Spinner Craze!

Yes, it’s been crazy with spinners, and the craze is literally world-wide. Here at Marvin’s we have been keeping up with the issues surrounding the spinners, including the question of lead in the ball bearings. So far, we have been able to confirm that the spinners we have for sale in our store are made with 100% steel – no lead. Most of the bearings are made in China, so even if you buy a spinner that is made in the USA, the bearings come from overseas.

Please be assured that Marvin’s Toy Store has taken the quality issue seriously. All our spinners come from reputable companies that use ball bearings that have been tested to comply to International and or U.S. standards. Some companies also comply with Canadian standards and California Prop 65. We have contacted each company we deal with to get documentation. We would be pleased to share that with you if you ask.

How do you know you have a safe toy?

  1. Buy from a store that has a good reputation for quality.

  2. Look for labeling of safety standards and ask for documentation if you have reservations.

  3. Respect the age recommendation on the packaging.

  4. Play responsibly and understand the limitations of the product.

At the heart of all the products in our store is the simple joy of fun, while at the same time, high quality and safety is paramount. That means we would not put something in our store that we would not want in the hands of our own children and grandchildren. We are doing our absolute best to make sure we uphold that commitment to you.

So spin, play, explore and enjoy the fun of a simply wonder-filled toy.

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